Aria Peterman is a Certified Yoga Therapist, through the masterful teaching of Robin Rothenberg’s IAYT accredited Essential Yoga Therapy program. This program is Viniyoga based through the lineage of Krishnamacharya. Each individual is seen through the lense of Ayurveda, the East Indian “science of life” and the tapestry of the Pancha Maya Kosha, the 5 sheaths of mind/body/spirit.

Yoga and Ayurveda meet us exactly where we are at, by nurturing the relationship to nature (Ayurveda) and the connection to all the layers of Self (Yoga) we come back in line with our highest potential.

Passionate about creating health from the roots and the power of connection, Aria offers tools to bring balance in the lives of individuals.

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Education and Training

  • Reiki Master, Sue Averett 11/11/18
    website: Whidbey Island Reiki
  • Essential Yoga Therapy, Robing Rothenberg 6/2013-6/2015
  • Viniyoga Bridge Training, Robin Rothenberg 12/12-12/20/2013
    website: Essential Yoga Therapy International Association of Yoga Therapy accredited program
  • Restorative Yoga, Rachel Lanzerotti 2/26-3/2/2015
    website: Five Rivers Yoga Therapy

  • 500hr Yoga Therapy, 7 Centers Yoga Arts 11/2011-12/2011
  • Chakra Yoga Intensive, 7 Centers Yoga Arts 5/2011
  • Ayurvedic Chef Apprenticeship, 7 Centers Yoga Arts 1/2011
  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, 7 Centers Yoga Arts 1/2007
    website: 7 Centers Yoga Arts