Yoga Therapy

The practice of yoga is inherently healing in a broad perspective.  If you are moving and breathing you are going to achieve benefit.  If you refine your practice,  use the breath more intentionally, coordinate your movements in and out of the postures you change the game.  By using the practices of Yoga (Pranayama breath, Mantra chanting, Meditation, Asana postures) more selectively you can learn to connect to a more vital and engaged version of you.  Actively regulating your nervous system to address chronic pain, learned compensation patterns, stress, anxiety, depression and more.
portraitrestorativeI offer both individual and group Yoga Therapy sessions.  For individual sessions please contact me.  For group sessions please view the schedule

Group classes require a commitment to a set series.  This provides the opportunity to build rapport with fellow students and  insures small classes sizes.

Individual $75/hour or 4 sessions for $300 (sessions up to 90 min)
Group series (see schedule)

Yoga Therapy treats the whole person, seeking to change attitudes and actions that inhibit the natural healing process, and cultivate attitude and actions that support it.
-Gary Kraftsow


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